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CAD Compact – CAD-COMP1800-ECO

CAD Compact

Performance Curve - CAD-COMP1800-ECO


The CAD-Compact is a commercial, horizontal heat recovery unit that fits into false ceiling voids between 380mm to 600mm in height. It takes advantage of the latest technologies with a high efficiency counterflow plate heat exchanger that recovers up to 88% of sensible heat and is Eurovent certified.

The internal construction of the CAD-Compact achieves the highest degree of air tightness and at the same time provides superior noise reduction. Sound waves produced inside the unit are captured by a sound-absorbent internal membrane, resulting in an efficient low-profile fan with quiet operation.

  • Counterflow plate heat exchanger that recovers up to 88% of sensible heat.
  • Industry leading airtight construction.
  • Nominal air flow from 0 to 1.25 m3/s
  • Exchanger can be easily removed via the side panel for cleaning.
  • Single phase EC motors for increased energy efficiency, stepless speed control and backward curved impeller.
  • Low pressure drop F7 filters (ePM1, 70%) for the air supply, and M5 filters (ePM10 50%) for air extraction.
  • Filters can be easily accessed via the side panels when filter replacement is required.
  • Fresh air bypass can be used during the warmer months and controlled via the BMS.
  • Support points for hang mount installations in false ceilings.
Galvanised steel double-walled enclosure with internal thermo-acoustic fireproof insulation. 25 mm thick mineral wool in models 900 to 2500, and 30 mm in models 3200 and 4500.
Type - electronic commutated (EC) motor.
Electricity supply - 230V single-phase, 50/60Hz.
Bearings - sealed-for-life, ball.
See page O-7 for details on motors.
IP44 rating, Class B rating.
Internal Thermal Protection
Integral electronic overload protection is supplied as standard.
Air flow tests to ISO5801: 2007
Noise tests to ISO13347-3 2004
Special Note
EC motors should be directly connected to their appropriate AC supply.
EC motors should not be regularly power cycled.

Suggested Specification

The heat recovery ventilation units shall be of the CAD-Compact HRV, EC Series as designed and manufactured by Fantech Pty Ltd and be of the model numbers shown on the schedule/drawings.

They shall use a high efficiency, counterflow plate heat exchanger that recovers up to 88% of heat and be Eurovent certified.

The housing shall be double walled, galvanised steel and use an internal thermo-acoustic fireproof insulation made from mineral wool.

They shall be driven by a single-phase EC motor and use electronic overload protection. The plug fans will have an IP44, Class B rating and a backward curved impeller.

All models shall be fully tested as a complete assembled unit to ISO5801: 2007 for air flow and ISO 13347-3 2004 for noise.

Technical Data - CAD-COMP1800-ECO

Speed [rps]Avg. dBA @ 3mkWatts (Input)Amps Max.°C Approx. Weight [kg]

Sound Data

Type631252505001K 2K4K8K
Outlet4465 687476 767260



*All dimensions in mm, unless otherwise stated

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