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Commercial Heat Recovery units for In-Ceiling Spaces
March 22, 2024  |  share:

The CAD-Compact in-ceiling heat recovery ventilation units have been engineered for optimal, market leading performance and exceptional air tightness levels. They are suitable for commercial applications and have a horizontal configuration which allows them to be installed into false ceiling spaces.

The CAD-Compact utilises the latest technologies with its Eurovent certified, high efficiency counterflow plate heat exchanger that recovers up to 88% of sensible heat. The heat exchangers are easy to remove and can be periodically cleaned which is crucial in ensuring maximum performance.

When outdoor temperatures are appropriate, the CAD Compact’s bypass mode (also known as economy mode) can be activated to supply fresh outside air directly into the building. This saves energy usage and also eliminates the recovery of unwanted heat.

The CAD-Compact is fitted with high efficiency F7 filters for the supply air and M5 filters for the extract air, that are easy to replace when needed. The units include support points for horizontal hanging, an efficient EC motor for stepless speed control and a double-skin galvanised steel enclosure with internal thermo-acoustic fireproof insulation.

There are two options available for controlling the CAD Compact. The ECO model is ideal for applications where all functions are managed externally through a BMS or simple fixed-speed setting. The ADV model uses a wall-mounted controller and provides advanced control options such as Constant Air Volume (CAV), Constant Operating Pressure (COP), and Variable Air Volume (VAV), when used with appropriate sensors. The ADV units also feature a built-in time clock that allows for scheduling, including start and stop times as well as stepped ventilation rates.

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