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Section A: Wall, Window & Ceiling Mounted
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Silent Design Series SILDES.. A-2/3
EDM Series EDM.. A-4/5
Vogue Series VCW.. A-6/7
Ring Plate Series RP.. A-8/9
HCM Series HCM.. A-10/11
Stylvent Series HV.. A-12/13
HXM Series - Square Plate Propeller Fans HXM.. A-15
Compact 2000 Series - Square Plate Axial Fans CPD/E.. A-16/18
Compact 2000 EC Series - Square Plate Axial Fans CPD/E..EC A-19/20
SQ Series - Adjustable Pitch Axial Fan SQA/B.. A-21/23
ECOtronic Square Plate EC Series - Axial Fans CPEEC.. A-24/25
Compact Flameproof Series - Square Plate Fans FPSP.. A-26/27
Ezifit In-Wall Exhaust fan EIE.. A-28/29
Ezifit Thru Wall Series EWE.. A-30/31
Infiltra Filtered Supply Unit (FSU) - AC Supply FSU.. A-32
Rapid Response Header Box Fan RESPF.. A-34/35
Rapid Response Grille RESPG..SQ../RN.. A-36
Velocity Series ECL29-150RDW.. A-38/39
Cleanair-Sky Plasma Air Purifier OXY-CLEANAIR-SKY-.. A-40/41
Section B: Duct Mounted Fans
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CF Series - Compact Axial Fans CF.. B-3
TD Silent Series - Mixed Flow Fans TD..SIL.. B-4/7
TD Mixvent Series - Mixed Flow Fans TD.. B-8/10
TD EVO VAR Series - Mixed Flow Fans TD-EVO.. B-12/13
ProVent Series - Mixed Flow Fans RIL.. B-14/15
Jetline Series JETLINE.. B-16/17
Jetline EcoWatt Series JETLINE..ECO B-18/19
Minitube Series - Axial Fans MTP/S.. B-20/21
Short Case Axial Series - Axial Fans SCD/E.. B-22/23
Short Case Axial EC Series SCD/E..EC B24/25
Compact Ex Series - Miniduct Fans FPMD.. B-26/27
PowerLine Series – Centrifugal Fans PCD/E.. B-28/30
PowerLine Ultra Series – Mixed Flow Fans PUD/E.. B-32-34
PowerLine Ecotronic EC Series - Centrifugal Fans PCD/E..EC.. B-36/37
PowerLine EC Series - Mixed Flow Fans PC.. EC B-38/39
PowerLine Ultra EC Series - Mixed Flow Fans PUD/E.. EC B-40/41
Inline Filtered Supply Unit FSD/E.. B-42/45
Inline Filtered Supply Unit (FSU) - EC Series FSD/E..EC B-46/47
Neta Twin Series (FSU) - EC Series TILD/E... B-48/49
WhisperJet Series - Fan & Silencer Kits WJ..KIT B-50/51
Adjustable Pitch Axial Flow Fans AP../APPM../APEC.. B-52/57
CAD-Compact In-Ceiling HRV - EC Series CAD-COMP...-ECO B-58/61
Section C: Axial Flow Fans Perfomance Data
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General Information n/a C-2/9
How the Performance Curves Work n/a C-10
How to Select Correct Motor and Casing Length n/a C-11
Performance Data n/a C-12/24
Dimensions n/a C-26/27
Component Weights n/a C-28/29
Section D: Roof Mounted Fans
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Minivent Series - Axial Fans MV..E D-2/3
Alpha & Beta Series - Axial Fans AD/E..D/V D-4/6
Alpha & Beta Industrial Series - Axial Fans RDLE../RVLE../RSSL.. D-7/9
Alpha Relief Air Vents MRV/RV/PFR30.. D-10
Alpha Relief Air Vents - Bushfire Code Compliant MRV../RV..-BFC D-11
Beta Vent Series - Vertical Discharge Cowls  RVV D-12
Alpha Supply Series - Axial Fans MV..S, AD/E..S D-13/15
New Generation Series - Adjustable Pitch Axial Fans RVE/RSS/RDE/RDS.. D-16/19
New Generation Supply Air BFC - Adjustable Pitch Axial RDS..-BFC D-20/21
Gamma Series - Centrifugal Fans TGUD/E.. D-22/25
Gamma Ultra Series – Mixed Flow Fans GUD/E D-26/29
Gamma EC Series - Centrifugal Fans CD/EEC.. D-30/33
Gamma Ultra EC Series – Mixed Flow Fans GUD/E.. EC D-34/37
Twin Gamma Ultra Series – Mixed Flow Fans GUD/E.. EC D-38/41
Gamma Supply Series - Centrifugal Fans CD/E..S D-42/43
Gamma Supply Ultra Series - Mixed Flow Fans GUD/E..S D-44/45
Gamma EC Supply Series - Centrifugal Fans CD/EEC..S D-46/47
Gamma Supply Ultra EC Series - Mixed Flow Fans GUD/E..S EC D-48/49
Systemaire Commercial Serie - Kitchen Exhaust Fans   KUD/E.. D-50/51
Heritage Series - Centrifugal Fans CHD/E.. D-52/53
Heritage Ultra Series - Mixed Flow Fans HUD D-54/55
Heritage Ecotronic  Series - Centrifugal Fans CHD/E D-56/57
GE Series - Centrifugal Fans CGD/E.. D-58/59
Ezifit Thru Roof Series ECE.. -
Ezifit Thru Roof Supply Series - Centrifugal Fans ECE..S -
Ezifit Thru Roof BFC - Centrifugal Fans ECE…-BFC -
High Capacity and Smoke Spill Series - Adjustable Pitch Axial Fans HC../SS.. D-72-75
Profile Fan Series - Axial and Centrifugal Fans PFA/C.. D-76/77
Flanged - Vertical Discharge Cowls RVS/F.. D-78/79
Section E: Centrifugal Fans; SWSI & DWDI
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Sigma Series 2GRE.. E-2
Blue Rhino SWSI - Centrifugal Fans BR.. E-12/18
High Pressure Blowers & Fans  n/a E-19
Seat Fans - Storm Series STORM... E-24/26
Seat Fans - Jet Series JET.. E-28/30
Section F: Integrated JetVent Car Park Ventilation
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JetVent Car Park EC Fans – HP Series JIU-CPCEC-HP... F-2/3
JetVent Car Park EC Fans – SD & USD Series JIU-CPCEC-SD/USD... F-4/5
JetVent Car Park EC Fans – LH & ULH Series JIU... F-6/7
JetVent Ancillary Equipment n/a F-8/9
Section G: Cooling and De-Stratification Fans
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Hunter Titan Series HVLS Fans HUNTER-TITAN.. G-2/3
Hunter ECO Series HVLS Fans HUNTER2-ECO.. G-4/5
Hunter RM Series HVLS Series HUNTER2-RM... G-6/7
Hunter HVLS Fan Drop Tubes HUNTER-RDR/ADJ.. G-8
Hunter HVLS Fan Ancillaries n/a  G-9
Hunter Track Series Sweep Fans HUNTER-TRAK.. G-10/11
Hunter Stingray Sweep Fans HUNTER-SR.. G-12/13
Aeromix Cooling & Destratification Fans ZFH... G-14/15
Aeromini Cooling & Destratification Fans ZFH15... G-16/17
ZOO Cooling and De-stratification fans ZFH.. G-18/19
Pedestal Wall & Stand Mounted Fans PSET/PWET.. G-20
Compact Cooler Series CCE../CCS G-21
JetVent Warehouse Airmover JVW.. G-22
Section H: Noise Control Products
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Rectangular Duct Attenuators RS/RT..  H-2/10
AirLay Rectangular Attenuators NSA/NTA.. H-12/18
N2T & N3T Rectangular Duct Attenuators N2T/N3T.. H-20/32
Q-Seal Circular Duct Attenuators C1/C2..QS H-34-35
Circular Duct Attenuators C1/C2.. H-34-36
Sound Bar Louvres ASB/SBL1/SBL2.. H-40-42
CC Series Circular Attenuators CC..M/H H-44
Powerline Series Rectangular Duct Attenuators  POW..SIL  H-45
Cross-Talk Attenuators  CTS/CTL/CTU/CTZ..  H-46/48
General Acoustic Information  n/a H-50/56
Section I: Vibration Isolators
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Vibration Isolators n/a..  I-2/3
RubberIn Shear Mounts NR/NRD.., RH/RHD   I-4
Spring Mounts 25mm Deflection XSB/XL..,SHS..    I-5
Spring Mounts 50mm Deflection RS/RT..  I-6
Seismic Mounts CSM/CLM/CWM..  I-7
Section J: Ancillary Equipment
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Butterfly Shutters for Axial Roof Units ABD.. J-2
Butterfly Shutters for Centrifugal Roof Units CBD.. J-2
Bushfire Code Compliant Base BASEBFC-.. J-3
RSK Backdraft Shutters for In-line Fans RSK.. J-4
Backdraft Dampers - Smooth Flow SJK.. J-4
Matching Flanges for Axial Fans MF../CMF.. J-5
Matching Flanges for PowerLine and Multiflow Fans POW.. J-5
Fast Clamps for In-Line Fans FC.. J-6
Mounting Feet for Axial Fans F/CFT.. J-7
Mounting Feet for PowerLine, Multiflow and Neta Fans FT.. J-7
Inlet Cones for Axial Fans IC/CIC.. J-8
Maglok - Magnetic closure device for Butterfly Shutters MAGLOK.. J-9
Finger Guards for Axial Fans FG/DG.. J-10
Inlet Guard for Mixed-flow In-Line Fans MRJ.. J-10
Filter Unit FGR.. J-11
Wall plate WP.. J-12
Wall Tubes for Small Fans WT..PPK J-12
Section K: Rickard VAV Diffusers
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Rickard Thermo-Disk Series VSD..4../VCD..4.. K-2/3
Introduction Rickard Electronic VAV Diffuser n/a K-4/5
Rickard Electronic VAV Diffuser Series: Square to Square, Square to Round and Square to Swirl styles VSD..1../VCD..1../VSW..1.. K-6/7
Linear Slot Style VLN..1.. K-8/9
Wall/Bulkhead Style WBD..1.. K-10/11
Rickard VAV Diffuser Wall Thermostats RICK-MLMWS.. K-12
Rickard VAV Diffuser Wireless Controls RICK-WL.. K-13
Rickard VAV Diffuser FCU Controller RICK-CU-FCU K-14
Rickard Integrated Diffuser Controls and sensors RICK.. K-15
Rickard VAV Diffuser In-line Duct Heater RICK-CU-INLH.. K-16/17
AirLink DX Controller DCV-ARLK-DXKIT K-18
AirLink CHW Controller DCV-ARLK-CHXKIT K-19
AirLink Communications Module DCV-ARLK-M251KIT K-20
AirLink Duct Pressure Sensor DCV-SENS-PSDM250 K-21
AirLink Air Duct Probe DCV-SENS-TMDM150 K-22
AirLink Wall Plate Switch DCV-ARLK-WPKIT K-23
AirLink Wall Temperature Sensor DCV-TEMP-TMWM K-24
Section L: Ducting, Louvres & Grilles
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Supaflo FlatPack Low Profile Duct System FPD.. L-2/3
Wall Tube WT.. L-4
Backdraft Shutters - Type AS Plastic air operated shutters AS.. L-6
Backdraft Shutters - Type PGL PVC air operated shutters PGL.. L-7
Backdraft Shutters - Type WSK PVC air operated shutters WSK.. L-8
Louvres - Type PFL PVC fixed louvre grille PFL.. L-9
Louvres - Type Slimfit DPL ABS plastic fixed louvre grille DPL.. L-10
Louvres - Type ELDA Aluminium fixed louvre ELDA.. L-11
Rapid Response Internal Grille RCG.. L-12
Ceiling Grilles - Type IALG Exhaust air valve IALG.. L-13
Ceiling Grilles - Type IDJG Downjet grille IDJG.. L-13
Ceiling Grilles - Type ILG Exhaust & supply air grille ILG.. L-13
Ceiling Grilles - Type linear slot LSD Exhaust air grille LSD.. L-14
Section M: Controllers, VSD, Sensors & Run-On Timers
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Introduction - Controllers, VSD Sensors and Run-on Timers - M-2/4
Speed Controllers Single Phase Motors - Type VA VA.. M-5
Speed Controllers Single Phase Motors - Type VA-PL VA1.5-3PL M-6
Speed Controllers Single Phase Motors - Type AVA3.0 AVA.. M-6 
Speed Controllers Single Phase Motors - Type AVA5.0 & AVA8.0 AVA M-6
Speed Controllers Three Phase Motors_Type - SD1-S SD1-S M-7
Variable Speed Drive (VSD) - Danfoss VLT Micro Drive FC 51 FC51.. M-8
Variable Speed Drive (VSD) - Danfoss VLT HVAC Basic Drive-FC-101 FC101.. A-9
Variable Speed Drive (VSD) - Danfoss VLT HVAC Drive FC 102 FC102.. A-10/11
Variable Speed Drive (VSD) - Danfoss VLT HVAC Drive FC 131 FC131.. M-12/13
Sine-wave Filters - Danfoss VLT SIN.. M-14
Aviator Max Controller DCV-CU-MAX1 M-16/17
Aviator MAX Expansion Module DCV-CU-EXPANSION1.. M-18
Aviator MINI Controller DCV-CU-MINI1.. M-19/20
Aviator Fan Interface Module DCV-CU-FCPSU.. M-21
ComLink Repeater Module DCV-CU-REPEATER1.. M-22
Aviator 4.3 Graphic Interface DCV-CU-GUI.. M-24
Aviator 7" Graphic User Interface DCV-CU-GUI7TS M-25
Run-on Timers - Direct Wired VZ.. M-26
Run-on Timers - Direct wired supply with plug-in outlet, single switch input VZ2-10TS M-26
Run-on Timers - Direct wired supply with plug-in outlet, multi-switch input VZM0-28TS M-27
Run-on Timers - 4-pin plug supply with Plug-in outlet VZ6-4PL M-27
Power Sense Switch for Automatic Fan Control VZ-ISNSE.. M-28
Fan Control Thermostat TFC6 M-28
EC Controllers - Premium Module DCV-CU-PREM M-30
EC Controllers - Temperature Controller DCV-CU-CTG-150AV  M-30
EC Controller - Pressure Controller DCV-CU-CPG.. M-31
0-10V EC Speed Controller DCV-POT10K.. M-31
Airthings for Business - Office Controllers and Sensors AIR-SPACE-RAD  M-36
Section N: Installation, Wiring Diagrams & Fan Trouble Shooting
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Installation & Maintenance n/a N-2/4
Warranty n/a N-5
Wiring Diagrams n/a N-6/11
Fan Trouble Shooting n/a N-12/18
Section O: Reference Information
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External Rotor Motors n/a O-2/3
Standard Motors n/a O-3/4
Motors for Hazardous Areas n/a O-5/7
Electronically Commutated (EC) DC Motors n/a O-7
Motor Electrical Protection n/a O-9
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating n/a O-10
Electrical Data & Weights for Standard Three-Phase Motors n/a O-11
Energy Sustainable Design n/a O-12/13
Fan Laws n/a O-15
Nomenclature n/a O-15
Nomograms & Conversion Factors n/a O-16
Conditions of Trading - Australia & New Zealand n/a O-17/18
Section P: Installation Do's and Don'ts
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Axial Fans n/a P-2/5
Centrifugal Fans n/a P-6/7
Roof Units n/a P-8/10
Noise Control n/a P-11/19
Vibration Isolation n/a P-20/21
General n/a P-22/24

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