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BCA2019 compliant selections
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Hints and Tips

BCA2019 Volume 1 J5.4 (and the H1/VM3 2021 for New Zealand) sets targets for overall fan efficiencies and duct system pressure drops. The 2019 standard is very different to all previous versions and requires an efficiency target to be met, rather than a W/(L/s) value as previously used.

When you search for fans in the Fantech Product Selection Program, the latest version will use the 2019 standard by default (this can be changed if required). Fans with green W/(L/s) values meet the efficiency target; the actual W/(L/s) value is for reference and has no relevance to the BCA2019.

By clicking on any of the fans found, you can view the NCC/BCA information panel that displays the calculated and target efficiency values. For reference, previous BCA compliances will be shown in the Motor information panel.

If you have calculated the BCA efficiency requirement value across the whole system using the ABCB calculator or similar, this value can be entered in the NCC Allowable System Pressure field. The difference between the duty pressure and the Allowable System Pressure will be used to offset the Fan Target Efficiency.

Version 5.7 of the Fantech Product Selection Program can be downloaded from our website. Remember to use the auto-updater to make sure you’ve got all the latest features.

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